Weighing the Value of Investments

How to weigh the Value of an Investment made today vs. the Future Benefits of Legal Case Management Software?

Having worked in the legal software industry since the early 1990s, I have consistently noticed two major challenges: reluctance to invest in adequate training and the fact that users rarely use most of the features available in software.

During initial meetings, potential clients often emphasize the need for specific features in new software. We demonstrate these features extensively during product demonstrations and continue to engage clients with after-sales support, which includes follow-up checks

Our software includes an auditing function that allows us to see which features are being used by each client. When we notice that certain features are underused, especially those designed to save significant time, we reach out to inquire about this underutilization.  Their reasons range from lack of awareness (pointing to inadequate training) or to simple neglect (the reasons for which are less clear).  Unfortunately, only about 10% of firms maximize the potential of their software, which is not because the features are inaccessible, but rather due to inadequate training and lack of proper management practices

This highlights a common issue: the failure to follow up with the necessary commitments to maximizing the use of the software they purchase.  At Wings Legal Management, we offer a brief introductory training session for free, which, often remains unclaimed.  This oversight highlights a common human tendency— to overlook the value of immediate investments of time and money that will yield significant long-term benefits.  Therefore, it is essential for organizations to ensure that all team members are thoroughly trained, and to enforce management practices that maximize the use of all efficient, automated features available in the software.