Must ask questions when selecting cloud-based legal practice management software! Answers you must know before signing up for any legal cloud-based software!

  1. Where is my data stored and who is the hosting provider?
  2. Is my HIPPA data encrypted?
  3. Are Firewalls protecting my data and how many are provided?
  4. If I decide to stop using the software how will I be able to get my data returned and at what cost?
    1. Will I be able to obtain all my data at one time or will I have to create reports and download each individual client file one by one?
    2. In what format will my data be provided to me upon request?
  5. Will my data be backed up each day and how many days will each backup be available?
  6. Is the infrastructure that supports the software updated regularly?
  7. Does the software company where I store my client’s information have the right to access that data and use it for their own use in any way?

What to watch out for with “No Contract” cloud software!

Beware of legal cloud-based software that does not give you a realistic way to transfer your data if you decide to move to another software program.  In most cases you will have to download each client file individually, which is not realistic due to the time involved in this process. This restriction and difficulty in moving to another program means that in most cases you will not be able to leave these programs, which is the reason they don’t require a “Contract”.  No Contract needed because it will require weeks and hundreds of man-hours to obtain your data to move to another program.