Wings social security disability software

Wings® Legal Disability Case Management Software in the Cloud

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Grow & Manage Your Practice with Wings

Wings Legal Management in the Cloud is a nationally recognized secure Cloud-based software that is a platform for law firms of all sizes to store, manage and protect their clients’ disability case files and offers unparalleled automation for the practice of law, especially in the areas of Social Security Disability, Veterans Law, Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury.

Tired of:

  • Missing Deadlines?
  • Manual Case Tracking?
  • Unkempt Case Files?
  • Tedious Document Creation?
  • Managing Servers, Backups & Software Upgrades?

Get Uncomplicated Disability Case Management with Wings

Wings Legal Disability Case Management software is intuitive and easy to use.

No PhD required.

Simplify Your Everyday Law Firm Operations with Wings

Wings social security disability software

Simplified Communication

  • Enhanced team communication with internal chat
  • Send & receive text messages with clients
  • Automated emails with clients
  • Interactive client portal
  • Exceptional client services with efficient software features in real-time
Wings social security disability software

Seamless Document Management

  • Easy document creation
  • Automated document population
  • Comprehensive file management system gives instant access
  • Dynamic customization of standard forms and templates
  • No limits on file type
Wings social security disability software

Innovative Reporting & Tracking

  • Calendar integrations to monitor deadlines
  • Bird's eye view of cases and hearings
  • Process tracking to keep things moving without missing deadlines
  • Built-in reports plus a Report Wizard for easy custom reports
Wings social security disability software

Automations & Integration Options

  • Disability Planners - ReleasePoint
  • Leading Response - Law Ruler
  • Legal Conversions -  Atlasware
  • Quickbooks and more
Wings social security disability software

User-Friendly Operation

  • Accelerate growth and increase revenue with Crocodile Handshake
  • 24/7 cloud CMS software access
  • Drag, drop & save documents from your desktop to view immediately
  • Easy migration of existing data
  • Free initial training
  • Use on any device, anywhere
  • MAC & iPad compatibility
Wings social security disability software

Technology & Security

  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Biometrically locked servers
  • Complete HIPAA compliance
  • SSL encryption
  • Secure cloud encryption and compliance
  • Managed servers, software upgrades, and backups on secure U.S. based servers
Wings social security disability software

We Make It Look Easy. Just Ask Our Clients.

"I have used the Crocodile program, for the last 6 years, and I am totally satisfied with all aspects of the program. It has helped my staff and I organize all aspects of our Social Security Disability practice.”

- Glen Burnie Law Firm

Wings Built-in Modules Support Your Disability Practice Needs

Social Security Disability

  • Designed specifically for SSD
  • See your SSA cases at-a-glance
  • Includes all major SSA forms
  • Easily track correspondence

Veterans Law

  • Includes a module specifically for Veterans Law
  • Easily track VA claims and appeals
  • View military service records in one place
  • Streamlined task management

Workers' Compensation

  • Designed specifically for Workers Compensation claims
  • Efficiently track Workers Comp claims
  • See all your claims in one spot
  • Enhanced security and HIPAA compliant

Personal Injury

  • Designed specifically for Personal Injury attorneys
  • Communicate with clients from anywhere
  • Track time and billing with ease
  • Easily create personal injury case documents

Crocodiles with Wings

Legal technology developed through real legal practice experience.

Wings social security disability software

How do Crocodiles get Wings? Through practice, innovation and nearly 30 years of legal technology development.

Crocodile Solutions was founded by a law firm practice manager with a decade of experience. In an effort to help his firm grow without adding administrative staffing and expense, he designed one of the first legal practice management software offerings ever developed. Thirty years later, he has developed multiple software products, now combined into one robust platform, and evolved to serve attorneys and firms of all sizes across the country in Social Security Disability, Veterans Law, Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury.

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